Why Do You Need A Duplicable System?

Without a duplicable system in network marketing / MLM, it is like building a house without good solid foundations.

Eventually the house will collapse. The same thing will happen when building a team. When laying the foundations of a house they must be deep and solid according to the size and the structure. Therefore in network marketing /MLM the system too must be structured and organised in such a way that it can be duplicated all the way down through the levels of your team. No matter what level of expertise the members of your team will be.

This strengthens the core structure of your organisation when the duplicable system is in place. New team members are able to quickly establish themselves and then build their own teams in the same way.

Duplicable systems must have a strong ongoing support and ongoing training structure and must be suitable for anyone to follow including part time people, as most people who start out in network marketing build their business alongside their full-time jobs.

You will also find that the retention rate for auto-ship and staying in the business will be much higher. This way more people in the team will have success.

Network Marketing / MLM is not for the lone rangers because you cannot duplicate people but you can duplicate systems.

Many people have failed in their home business because of their system not being duplicable all the way through the lines and then they are left thinking and feeling that it was their fault…That is very often not the case. The true concept of network marketing / MLM is to be able to create an income for yourself by building a strong team. So in order for that to happen it has to be organised into some kind of duplicable system where each individual will receive the ongoing training and ongoing support they need to build their own strong solid duplicable system.

Post time: 12-26-2017