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Mechanical Recycling,Preventing Air Pollution.
Scrap copper cable wire stripping machine is used as the peeler on the rubber covered
or PVC covered copper cable wire to take over of the insulation,
let copper core separated from rubber or PVC insulation.
Different sizes cable wire are available.
Mechanical recycling machine eliminates the need for wire to be burned,
making the recycling of electrical wire safe for you and our environment.

All scrap yards typically accept recyclable material from contractors, but many of them act only as the middleman and resell the material to specialized processors outfitted with the necessary high-tech equipment to efficiently process the material.
Knowing whether or not a particular scrap operation has the capabilities to process the material on site can make a big difference in the price you receive for your material.

Electrical contractors routinely create scrap metal products such as wire and cable, aluminum conduit, cable tray, copper pipe, and even switchgear on the jobsite, but they may not realize the value of these materials can significantly boost their bottom line.
The keys to getting the highest price for these items are knowing exactly how to collect and sort the material and bringing it to the proper scrap processing facility.

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