http://www.econostrip.com/ Model 858 manual wire stripper recycle copper scrap wire will strip up to 1.5″ wire
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The Econo Strip model # 858 is manufactured in our own cnc machining facility using the latest 3D design software and cam software. It is manufactured on state of the art late model cnc machining centers and turning centers (cnc lathes) and a Laser Lab Profile Plus 2200 watt 3 axis Laser.

Every one who uses the 858 loves it, our local electrical supply house is selling them and we hear nothing but great feedback from the pros we are making the best stripper for the best price on the market.

The fit and finish of our products is far superior to that of all our competitors, and has been for years, it also speaks to our commitment to quality, precision, and customer satisfaction.

The heart of any wire stripper is the blade. Our blades are cnc machined out of D2 tool steel, then sent to an ISO 9001:2000 facility for heat treatment where they are hardened then vacuum tempered in a nitrogen/hydrogen atmosphere, the finished hardness is 61-62 HRC (rockwell C scale) much harder and tougher than any blade being offered by anyone at this time, it makes them extremely hard but not brittle, so the cutting edge wont nick and retain its sharp edge for years to come, then we remachine them using ceramics to correct size variations caused by the heat treating process, then they are polished and a final sharpening done with a diamond hone they are the hardest and most durable blades on the market bar none!

D2 tool steel is extremely expensive because of its high carbon & chromium content, which is what gives it such high wear resistance & deformation resistance, its common uses are for thread rolling dies, broaching tools, burnishing & knurling tools, punches, slitter knives, cold forming dies, high end cutlery, basically if to want to shear or form steel in a commercial application you use hardened D2, so we know cutting plastic wire insulation it will out last every other stripper blade on the market.

Post time: 12-26-2016