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wire stripping machine manufacturers

My Recycling,DIY Machines.

We supply a range of multipurpose scrap recycling cable strippers for light medium and heavy duty,
including cable stripping varying types of cables,
For the easiest and most direct way to recycle and recover your copper, aluminium and Lead scrap cable.
It is primarily the quality that sells our products,we got reorders frequently.
These are user-friendly machines,easy for operation.
We supply high productivity and efficiency machines.

Maximum Recycling,Money Making Machines.

Now you can remove the plastic coating from your electrical cable wire with very little effort.
Whether it’s single or multiple plastic coated electrical cable wire,
the wire stripper can do it safely, economically, and easier than ever before.
Stripping insulation from scrap copper wire and selling it
to a metal recycler is a great way to make some extra money,maximum recycling value.

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Post time: 06-20-2017