WS-0251 Scrap Copper Wire Stripping Machine

This is a WS-0251 Scrap Copper Wire Stripping Machine from Newman Trading Company. I purchased this machine to process my scrap copper. I am not on any commission the Newman Trading Co. nor have or will I receive any compensation for this video. I made this video to show this machine in action as the actual video from the supplier did not clearly show it in action. I have searched for quite a while for a wire stripper. There are no machines locally that you can look at or try to see in action. This machine was very fairly priced. Most videos for any machine from the $1500 to $6000 price range had poor quality videos that was hard to see if it was a good buy. I was fearful that that a lower priced machine would also be low quality. So far I am very impressed. The machine is 160# and heavily constructed. For the larger wires #8 and bigger there are 2 cutters that slice upper and lower wire jacket sides so the jacket falls off, so you don’t have to fight the conductor out. This is very handy, and allows you to process wire quickly. The only wire that I have found troublesome is the older RHW jacketed wire. the Rubber/cloth kind. The jacket tends to get sticky and the cloth gets tangled into the rollers. This machine cost $1295 + 149SH total $1444. I have stripped about 1500# so far.

Post time: 12-26-2016