Bench Type Cold Welder

Bench Type Cold Welder

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1. Introduction-More info pls download cold welder pdf
The cold welder is a tool to joint non-ferrous metals and their alloys without using heat, fillers or fluxes. Round wire sections, dissimilar materials and materials of different sizes can all be welded. The wires after welded remains the performance, the tensile strength even become stronger and the resistivity will not become larger than the original wires. So this cold welding has advantages compared to other ways.


2. Technical parameters

Cold welder Item

Bench type L3-B cold welder

Bench type L4-A cold welder

The range of wire


φ0.80mm~ 4.00mm



φ0.80mm~ 5.50mm

Φ0.70mm~ 6.00mm

External dimension L×W×H(mm)

280×184 ×281

320×206 ×352

cold welder Weight(kg)



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