23 Years Factory Quenching and Aging Furnace for Aluminum Alloy Factory in Bolivia

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Main function

The trolley type electrical heating aging treatment furnace can meet the aging treatment of mass and small work piece aluminum alloy.


Heating energy

Electricity, 0#diesel oil, NG, gas, LPG

Lining structure

Total fiber, refractory brick+fiber, refractory fiber castables mould

Trolley travel mode

Driven by front motor, bottom synchronous motor, blunt gear mechanism t track bottom windlass etc.

Furnace door sealing

Air cylinder (oil cylinder or motor-driven pusher) press tightly

Furnace bottom sealing

Level mechanism sealing strip

Control mode

Automatic+manual, total intellectual computer control


1 Processed parts with uniform hardness and less deformation.

2 Easy operation and maintenance.

3 Reliable performance, low failure rate

4 High precision electric control system

5 Small space occupation

6 Low price and energy saving.