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Concentric stranding machine



Concentric strander is used to for stranding multilayer copper or aluminum wire. Unlike conventional designs, the spools used in this machine are arranged concentrically along the axis of rotation, the negative effects, spool support and the wire tension of the spool’s centrifugal force is reduced.

Concentric strander do not need to take out the empty spool and put the full one back to the machine. It rewinds the copper or aluminum wire, and the wire are stored in the basket placed near the machine. The output is 3 times the rigid strander.



For stranding copper or aluminum conductor in round or sector shape.

For making overhead conductor.

For cable screening and armoring.



v  Single spool

When the line apply for the single spool, each spool will be controlled by individual flyer. The two spools can make winding or rewinding at the same time. The rewinding speed is much more higher than stranding speed, which is suitable for stranding large quantity conductors.

v  Dual spool

When apply for both two spools, the flyer can turn 360°and can be fixed to the right or the left spool. Then one spool is for winding, ad another one is for rewinding simultaneously, which achieve the shortest stop for the line and gets the most production.


Technical data                                                                                                                                      


Cage revolution(rpm)

Single wire dia.

Line speed(m/min)

Loading capacity(dm3)