Discount wholesale Double-head Motorized Pay Off Wholesale to Bangalore

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1. Main feature:

  1. Payoff bobbin flange diameter: 500-630mm, 630-800mm
  2. Payoff bobbin core diameter: 80mm minimum
  3. Braking system: by electric magnetic brake
  4. Control system; by inverter
  5. Tension adjustment: by pneumatic
  6. Main motor: 1.5KWX2(500-630mm), 2.2KWX2(630-800mm)
  7. Payoff speed: 0-250m/min



2. Main components origin:

  1. Inverter: Delta, Taiwan
  2. Motor: Henda from China
  3. Pneumatic cylinder; Shannaisi from China
  4. Bearing: NSK
  5. Timing belt: Beidi with German origin