Well-designed Foam Skin Centering Square Dual Layer Crosshead Supply to Bandung

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Crossheads for the cable industry
Wires and cables are the arteries of today´s world, transporting her lifeblood – energy and communication. For the manufacturing of these arteries, LINT TOP supplies the most modern and advanced technology to companies all over the globe. LINT TOP is the leading provider of fixed center crossheads and Production equipment for the wire and cable industry.


LINT TOP rigorously pursues a strategy of highest quality and precision, coupled with continued in house research and in co-operation with leading international institutes. The performance of the resulting products places LINT TOP customers on the cutting edge of cable-making technology.


Product characteristics:
► Extremely high precision manufacturing
► Unique alloys and curing technologies
► Over 200 customers in 80 countries worldwide
► Patented technology
► Suitable heads for nearly any kind of application
► Highly experienced technical consultancy
► Close to zero scrap and cutting-edge concentricity
► Lifetimes of far beyond 60.000 hours of operation
► Continuous innovation benefits at a glance:
►The conical distributor has precision position, good seal and convenient to disassemble.
►The newly mandrel for tip has big regulating gap between dia and tip.
►The cross-head can be centered while working, there is no leakage when centering.
►The distributor cavity has the feature of smooth, even pressure, no dead point. The cross-head will not need re-centering in high seped after original centering in low speed.
►New concept crosshead has the future of simply configuration, high level centricity, economizing raw material, easy to operate


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