Prepare packing for welding machine

The welding machine ordered by Algeria customer is already in packing inspection. The equipment is about to be issued. The equipment is the butt welding machine.

UN-10A butt welding machine with excellent performance


UN series butt welding machine is a special welding machine for welding ferrous metal and nonferrous metal. It uses resistance butt welding method. The utility model has the advantages of high electric energy utilization and good welding effect. Roberts nail, widely used in wire and cable, enameled wire, steel wire rope factory and non-ferrous metal wire drawing industry. Or foreign trade products and other industrial sectors of the right-hand man?. (foreign trade products can be customized according to customer requirements), favored by users.
Advantages and characteristics
1, welding machine transformer shell structure, less consumption.
2、small size, usually need not be fixed, welding operation is simple and convenient.
3、current regulation, pressure regulation is simple and practical.
4、 (type 1-10) with spring compression, (10-20) lever compression.



Post time: Apr-16-2018