Cable & Wire 2015-Düsseldorf in Sao Paulo, Brazil

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From Oct. 6th to 8th in 2015, LINT TOP attend the most famous Wire South America 2015 – International Wire and Cable Fair held by Messe Düsseldorf  and its partner Group Cipa at Imigrantes Exposicoes Exhibition Centre in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


At the exhibition, we showed the following equipment:

High Speed Double Twist Buncher

630 Double Head Motorized Pay off

–High Frequency AC Spark Tester

Laser diameter gauge

–J4-A cold welder

–630 Double layer high speed bobbin PND630

–PN1250 Corrugated bobbin

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Equipment showed on the fair


In addition, we also played video of our main advantageous machines as following:

–Φ630/1+16 Cradle type strander (Driven by separate motor)

–Continuous casting rolling line for copper/aluminum/aluminum alloy rod

–Tubular strander

–Rigid strander

–Sheathing/insulation extrusion lines

–HV Partial Discharge Test System


This fair was estimated to attract around 200 exhibitors from about 30 countries and regions and approximate 20,000 professional visitors from about 50 countries and regions all over the word to come to negotiate. In our booth, we not only met our old customers which we have cooperated for long time, but also knew many new visitors from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Ecuador, Paraguay, Chile, etc.

Our Brazil local engineer Mr. Gilberto Linhares introduce cable machines, test equipment and other accessories, discuss technical knowledge with every regular customers and new visitors in English, Portuguese, and Spanish. We are glad to see that we have entertained the most visitors among so many Chinese exhibitors.


Introduce equipment to our customers

customer (3)

Linttop staff with our Brazil local engineer



By: Sara Shi

Date: Oct. 10th, 2015

Post time: 10-10-2015