Dispatch of CCR Line to DAILONG, VIETNAM

On 28th, March, 2015, LINT TOP CABLE TECHNOLOGY CO, LTD. (hereinafter as LINT TOP) had successfully shipped the whole CCR production line (Continuous casting and rolling) to DAI LONG (hereinafter as DAILONG). And till 10th, August, the whole CCR line had been installed and commissioned successfully. The whole production line runs smoothly.


CCR line-Melting furnace part


CCR Line-Coiling 

It is the first time that LINT TOP has a business relationship with a Vietnam company , as well as a Southeast Asia country. So it is an great opportunity for both LINT TOP and DAILONG in mutual understanding and cooperation. LINT TOP had succeed in finishing arrange the shipment of a series containers shipping to Vietnam port CAT LAI to customer DAILONG, and the total quantity of the containers includes 5*20GP, 2*40OT and 4*40HQ.


Packing situation-Coiler basket of CCR line


Packing situation-Furnace part of CCR line

Even though it is the first cooperation, we had made a detailed and comprehensive technical proposal of the whole CCR line(including melting and holding furnace and casting and rolling mill) to DAILONG, and also, we are sure to provide the best technical support and after-sale service as we are always meant to do so.
This cooperation open the new market of Southeast Asia for LINT TOP, and at the same time, it shows that LINT TOP have gained more and more share in this professional field. All of this dues to the best quality and the best service we used to provide, and in the future, we will definitely further promote our product and service in order to be a more professional and people-oriented enterprise. 


Post time: 03-28-2015