Extrusion line installation and commissioning is successful


Silicon Core HDPE Extrusion Line installation and commissioning is successful
Customers are satisfied with the extrusion line
South Africa customer is a regular customer of LINTTOP and has been cooperation many times. The customer purchases equipment is Silicon Core HDPE Extrusion Line.The results of this equipment to the customer is very satisfied with the smooth operation of the machine faster than the requirements of the production of higher precision products. Customers are satisfied with this cooperation, and look forward to the next cooperation.

A New type silicon
The HDPE silicon core tube is a new type of composite pipe with a silicone resin solid lubricant on its inner wall, referred to as silicon tube. It is composed of three or two plastic extrusion machines. The main raw material is HDPE, and the core layer is the solid lubricant silicone rubber with lowest friction coefficient. Widely used in optical cable communication network system


High-quality Cross-head
HDPE extrusion screw is designed with high efficiency extrusion technology, which has good plasticizing effect and high energy efficiency.
The die adopts a special design, high pressure volume extrusion pipe die, so that the head has greater melt pressure. Improve the quality of pipe material and ensure the material to be extruded more quickly and steadilye quickly and steadily.


High-quality Tank
Stainless steel vacuum shower main body adopts SUS304 stainless steel bending forming, fully enclosed vacuum sizing, vacuum precision +/-0.1kpa. The water tank is equipped with a screw lifter, which can be adjusted up, down, left and right, and is easy to operate.


High-quality traction machine
Traction machine adopts imported multilayer, in line with high quality wear-resistant material traction belt, Gaoping precision roller traction drive, Swiss ABB AC frequency conversion controller, traction speed stepless speed regulation


High-quality Take-up
The take-up machine adopts special torque motor to provide constant tension take-up. It has the function of automatic counting and can be customized according to the customer’s requirements.

Other Important High-quality Component parts
A two axis laser diameter measuring system is used to monitor product diameter, ellipticity and position in the test range;
In addition, linttop also offers other high quality extrusion lines,such as triple-layer co-extrusion dry-cure ccv line.
.Linttop looks forward to working with you.

Post time: Apr-16-2018