Automatic Coiling Machine

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Automatic Coling Machine is popularly used in wire & cable coiling package. The machine can be linked with extrusion line or separately rewind.
1. IHM makes operation easier.
2. It adopts servo motor traversing system, which makes wire traversing more harmonious, thus the coil of wire has a good appearance.
3. This machine has automatic error detection function. When fault happens, it will alarm.
4. Microcomputer memory can store 99 different kinds of coil specification. After inputting all sizes of wires, if wire changes, it only need to read the saved data to produce, without adjusting the machine structure, which makes the operation simple and convenient.

Technical Parameters

Model Height(mm) Out diameter (mm) Inner diameter (mm) Wire Diameter (mm) Rotating speed (rpm)
LT1246 50-120 200-460 140-220 1-12 800
LT1860 60-180 200-600 180-250 5-15 200
LT2480 80-240 300-800 250-320 10-25 100

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