• Industribyggnader

    cable extrusion, cold welding, CCV line, wire drawing machine, auto coiling machine, wire drawing machines, cable extrusion machine, cold welding machine, stranding machines, wire extrusion machine, wire stranding, stranding machine, strander machine, cable winding machine, wire coiling machine, Nylon extrusion, cable coiling machine, cold pressure welding, extrusion lines, cold pressure welder
  • Test Equipment

    laser diameter measurement, laser diameter measuring, laser gauge diameter, laser diameter measuring device, diameter measuring device, Laser measuring equipment, high voltage spark tester, cable spark tester, spark tester machine, spark tester cable manufacturing
  • Tillbehör

    cold welding, cold welding machine, cold pressure welding, cold pressure welder, pressure welding machines, Cold pressure welder, copper wire welding machine, Copper Wire Recycling, copper recycling machine, copper wire recycle machine, Copper Wire Recycling Machine, Wire Recycling Machine, wire recycle machine
  • Material

    Mica Tape, mica tape for cable, wire taping machine
  • coiling machine with labor
  • Automatic coiling and packing machine in one unit(automatic wrapping machine)
  • automatic coiling line(Individual production line)
  • Single Wire&Cable Vertical Flame Tester
  • Operation video L3 / L4 kall svetsare machine3
  • Wire Tejpning maskin
  • Horisontell flätningsmaskin
  • Double Twist Buncher 1
  • Double Twist Buncher2
  • Nylon extruderingslinje
  • Stel ram Stra med oberoende drivet system
  • Scrap Copper Wire Recycling Machine
  • Tråd avskalnings- Maskin med 20mm tråddiameter
  • Wire Stripping Machine with wire diameter 34 mm
  • Kontinuerlig gjutning och valsningsbana för aluminiumlegering
  • Scrap Copper Wires Recycling Production Line
  • Kontinuerlig gjutning och valsningslinjen för kopparstång
  • Kontinuerlig gjutning och valsningslinjen för aluminium
  • 630mmφ Auto-spooler
  • kopparstång kontinuerlig gjutning och valsningslinjen