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1000m/min High Speed Building Wire Extrusion Line

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100+50+50 High speed building wire extrusion line

100+50+50 High speed building wire extrusion line

This line is used to produce 2.5mm2 conductor BVR building line. (It also can be directly connected to the breakdown machine and intermediate wire drawing machine while producing BV line). It can achieve daily operation of 800m/min with daily production capacity can be up to 1000km (800M/Min*60Min*20H≈960KM) and the annual output value is more than 56 million dollars. Equipment investment cost is less than 1% of annual output value. Low input and high production capacity allow manufacturers to gain more competitive advantage and profits. 

Dual flyer pay-off (Conductor)

Dual flyer pay-off (Conductor)

BVR/BV conductor welding makes the equipment to achieve continuous production without stopping, deceleration and bobbin changing.


Quick color change system

Without stop and deceleration, this production line can switch different colors continuously (green, red, blue, yellow and black) to realize automatic production of preset orders.

Fully automatic coiling and film shrinking line

Fully automatic coiling and film shrinking line

Working efficiency: 3*2 coils/min, low replacement frequency of wire coil, automatic completion of coil +film coating, low labor intensity.


Printing code + labeling machine

The label is printed online in real time, which can trace the source of products and eliminate fake and shoddy products.


Robot stacking

Working efficiency is 8 coils/minute, it becomes neat, uniform and elegant appearance after stacking.


Stretch wrapper

Intelligent loading reduces labor intensity greatly. 


The production line can meet the high-speed and efficient extrusion requirements of building wire manufacturers.  

After the coil is wound around the film, the storage and transfer methods such as storage and transfer are concentrated in trays.

More detailed production line configuration and more construction line solutions, please visit our official website or consult our sales.


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