16-wire Drawing Machine with Continuous Annealer

16-wire Drawing Machine with Continuous Annealer

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16-wire Drawing Machine with Continuous Annealer takes 8 wires as one layer, thus 16 wires are two layers. The machine can draw 16 copper wires of same size at the same time. The drawing passes of this machine is optional between 13 and 21 with different outlet diameters.


  1. 16-wire drawing machine with continuous annealer adopts high precision helical gears, and imported bearing.
  2. Equipped with lubricating oil cooling and filtering device, which can achieve lubrication failure stop and pressure protection.
  3. Wire drawing cooling box adopts powerful spray lubrication and cooling, which can fully cool and lubricate the wire drawing wheel, dies and wires, so as to ensure quality of drawing wires.
  4. The case cover adopts the structure of the reel gate, which is easy to operate.


Technical Specifications 

Model LT21-16/T2000-16 LT25-16/T2000-16
Inlet diameter(mm) Max.φ1.8 Max.φ1.8
Outlet diameter(mm) 16*(φ0.18-0.40)8*(φ0.40-0.52) 16*(φ0.15-0.40)8*(φ0.40-0.52)
Mechanical speed(m/min) Max.1800 Max.1800
Drawing wheel diameter(mm) Φ80 Φ80
Capstan diameter(mm) Φ100 Φ100
Number. of die Max.21 Max.25
Mechanical elongation 25%-8% 25%-8%
Drawing motor power(kw) 160kw AC 160kw AC
Capstan motor power(kw) 30kw AC 30kw AC
Winding motor power(kw) 15kw AC*2 15kw AC*2
DC current for annealing(A) Max.2000 Max.2000
DC volt for annealing(V) Max.50 Max.50
Standard spool(mm) PND630 PND630
Power supply(v) -3*380(-5%±10%) -3*380(-5%±10%)
Frequency(Hz) 50(±2% 50(±2%
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