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Machines for Building Wires

Building wires and cables are mainly used inside of buildings and indoor wiring, including PVC insulated wires (known as laying wires): BV, BLV, BVR, BVVB, BLVV, etc., and the voltage is 450/750V. PVC insulated cables: VV, VLV, VV22, VLV22, etc. XLPE insulated cables: YJV, YJLV, YJV22, YJLV22, etc. 
Some building wires laid inside the building are not easy to repair, and most of these are civilian use. Excellent quality and low price is our needs, but often can’t have both.
We can provide mature and highly automated production lines to ensure the quality and control the cost, so that the quality and price are perfectly compatible.
These are common applications used for building wires.

Machines for Control Cables

The control cables are widely used in electrical equipment, industrial and mining enterprises, energy and transportation departments, PVC insulated and PVC sheathed control cables for AC rated voltages up to 450/750 volts. The control cables can be laid in tunnel or cable trench have the advantages of moisture-proof, anti- corrosion and damage-proof. 
The control cables transfer electric energy directly from the power distribution points to the power connection lines of various electrical equipment. The Control cables transmit signals, the current is relatively small (small conductor section), the voltage range is narrow (450/750~10KV), and the number of cable cores is more, from 2 to 61 cores, or even more. The control cables also adopt various core structures and shielding measures to obtain satisfactory electromagnetic compatibility results.
These are common applications used for control cables.

Machines for LAN Cables

Nowadays, the demand of Ethernet or LAN cables continues to increase. This industry is extremely though and needs high quality and performant cables with efficient mechanical and chemical capabilities. Their historical application is the office, however, today the use of Ethernet cables is increasingly positioning itself also in the industrial sector. Indeed, more and more plants use Ethernet cables. The possibility to access single parts of the network massively reduces downtown periods, ensures productivity.
Our wire and cable manufacturing expertise enables the development of customized solutions to overcome clients challenges. We provide you with high quality, flexible and tested solutions.
These are common applications used for LAN cables.

Machines for LV Power Cables

The low voltage cables (LV cables) are used for electrical equipment with a voltage ranging from 50 to 1000V for alternating current and 75 and 1500V for direct current, thereby they are not subjected to high electric stress. They are mainly made of plain or tinned copper or solid or stranded aluminium, and the wire can have a circular, compacted or shaped configuration. For this application, cables can be either flexible or rigid and sheathed with different thermoplastic material. The insulation materials used for the power low voltage cables are PVC, XLPE and HFFR / LS0H.
Power LV cables are used in many applications including:
*Sound and security
*Video surveillance
*Fire alarm
We offers a wide range of solutions that can be clients-driven to meet markets specifications.
These are common applications used for low voltage power cables.

Machines for MV&HV Power Cables

The power MV and HV cables are specially designed and manufactured for use with a voltage from 10kV up to 220 kV. Conductors for MV and HV power can be made of copper, aluminium and related alloys; when they are up to 1200 sq. mm their configuration is circular compacted and stranded. The material used for insulation can be ERP or XLPE. For jacket, it can be PVC or PE.
The medium voltage power cables from 10kV to 33kV, are mainly designed to suit the petrochemical, power generation, wastewater treatment, food processing, transportation, commercial, industrial markets and utility applications.
These cables must be manufactured to ensure excellent heat ageing, reliability, wet electrical stability and flexibility. 
We are committed to deliver the highest quality solutions.
These are common applications used for MV&HV power cables.

Machines for New Energy Cables

New energy wire and cable will be the development target of wire and cable. 
In general, new energy cables can be divided into: photovoltaic cable, wind power cable, offshore oil platform cables, nuclear power station cable, electric motor vehicle cable, inland natural gas cable, etc. Because of the constant exposure to sunlight, new energy cables are often used in harsh environmental conditions such as high temperature and ultraviolet radiation or high frequency bending, dragging, rubbing, etc.  
In Europe, the field temperature will be as high as 100 °C on sunny days. Therefore, these cables need to be resistant to high pressure, high temperature, electromagnetic interference, oil, water, acid and alkali resistance, UV resistance, high flexibility and other characteristics to ensure the safe use and life of the cable. 
These are common applications used for new energy cables.

Machines for Optical Fiber Cables

Communication optical cable has greater transmission capacity than copper cable with long relay range, small volume, light weight, no electromagnetic interference. Now it has developed into the main wire transmission lines of long-distance trunk, urban relay, offshore and transoceanic submarine communication, local area network (LAN), private networks, and began to spread to the field of the customer loop distribution network in the city, providing transmission lines for the optical fiber to the home and broadband integrated service digital network. 
We have a full set of mature production equipment including indoor fiber optic cable, outdoor fiber optic cable, FTTX, OPGW, etc. Of course, we can also customize the equipment you need.
These are common applications used for optical fiber cables.

Machines for Enameled Wires in Transformers

The power transformers act in many ways, not only raise the voltage to send the electric energy to the area of electricity, but also lower the voltage to all levels of voltage to meet the needs of electricity. Voltage boost and voltage drop must be completed by the transformer. In the process of transmitting power in the power system, voltage and power losses are inevitably generated.  
When the same power is delivered, the voltage loss is inversely proportional to the voltage, the power loss is inversely proportional to the square of the voltage. Transformer is used to increase voltage and reduce transmission loss. 
We can supply oil-immersed transformers and dry transformers or components as well as production equipment and testing equipment.
These are common applications used for enameled wires for transformers.
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