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Dispatch of Electrical Aging Treatment Furnace to Algeria

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In July 2018, we dispatched one electrical aging treatment furnace to Algeria. This furnace adopts double door and double trolley. One trolley with bobbins of aluminum alloy wires is during treatment inside the furnace, the other is loading or unloading the bobbins outside the furnace. This can realize continuous works and also can avoid energy waste.

The electrical aging treatment furnace can meet the aging treatment of aluminum alloy wires. It can load 64 bobbins each cycle. Its uniformity of temperature in side furnace can reach within ±5 °C because there are four vertical and centrifugal hot air re-circulation fans with strong wind and low noise are set on the top of furnace body to force the heat circulation convection sent out by the heating pipe.

The inner and air deflector is made of QA235 material. The air deflector on both inner side of the furnace adopt the buckle mounting structure, which makes the air deflector avoid to be out of shape and convenient dismounting during heating. This system is also safe and durable.

Heating components adopt U-type stainless steel heating pipe hanging on the air channel in furnace hearth. Heating pipe surface power has been calculated accurately to ensure its service life. Besides, the system has the function of automatically record of parameter, production date and print output.

Double Trolley Double Door Type Electrical Heating Aging Treatment Furnace

(Double Trolley Double Door Type Electrical Heating Aging Treatment Furnace)

This is the second same furnace to Algeria, the first one has been used for 4 years. Our customer likes it a lot, as it works stably. Aluminum alloy wires after treated has better elongation rate and electrical conductivity. Lint Top believes this furnace will also play its advantages and features after installation and commissioning. Lint Top will keep supplying top quality products with top technology and top service to our dear customers.

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