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Industry 4.0 is Coming

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Industry 4.0The “Industry 4.0” research project was jointly funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. It was formed under the advice and promotion of the German Academy of Engineering, the Fraunhofer Association, Siemens and other German academic and industrial circles. What changes will it have on the wire & cable field?

The “Industry 4.0” project is divided into three main themes:

The first is “smart factory”, focusing on the research of intelligent production systems and processes, and the realization of networked distributed production facilities; 

The second is “intelligent production”, which mainly involves the production logistics management of the entire enterprise, human-computer interaction and the application of 3D technology in the industrial production process. The program will pay special attention to attracting SMEs to participate, and strive to make SMEs users and beneficiaries of the next generation of intelligent production technology, and also become the creators and suppliers of advanced industrial production technology;

The third is “smart logistics”, which mainly integrates logistics resources through the Internet, Internet of Things, and logistics network, and gives full play to the efficiency of existing logistics resource suppliers. On the demand side, it can quickly obtain service matching and obtain logistics support.

Estimating the quality of the product based on important data curves, for example, we can trace extruders production data to determine the cable status. Industry 4.0 is being implemented step by step. 

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