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New Catalog

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Lint Top, a firm which can offer top-quality production machines, test equipment, accessories with technical assistant including installation, trail running, training and trouble shooting, today announced the launch of 2019 new catalog with a new look. And it’s available now. 

Lint Top’s new catalog was specifically designed from the ground up to ensure that our customers can choose the best equipment for their production needs when looking it. With the different needs of customers in the world pushes us to make new catalog. We hope it can lead to a better specifications and quality for you. 

new catalog

(New Catalog from Lint Top)

In addition to the introduction, the content also changed a lot like: adding three types of RBD machine with individual drivers which can save 20% energy than gear type, complete data cable production line, auxiliary equipment and so on, expanding the optical fiber contents, updating all technical parameters.

“By utilizing the very latest brochure to promote us, we will continue to evolve and enhance the content of our new catalog to best serve our customers’ needs,” says Ashley, our general manager.  

This new catalog is designed to provide an overall better reading experience, with a focus on comprehensiveness. And it is a major step towards developing a reliable company to quickly update the equipment what our customers need.

About Lint Top

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