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The Dispatch of 13 Dies Copper RBD Machine

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--Half of this cooperation is completed. 

--Lint Top confirms being on track for delivery of the process in the next following days.

On March 28, Lint Top has successfully completed the dispatch of 13 dies copper RBD machine, another cooperation between Lint Top and our Algerian customers. 

This project is an important step towards the development of our North African region market in the future. Our equipment consists of D13 Drawing unit, T5000 Annealer , K400 Tension Controller, S630 Spooler and S800 Coiler. In the technical aspects of this equipment: 8.0mm maximum inlet, 1.2~3.50mm outlet range, 1500 m/min maximum mechanical speed. 

copper RBD machine

(13 Dies Copper RBD Machine)

The dies are changed for D13 type large drawing machine by adopting swift method to replacing the rear dies. When the product specification is changed, you need only to pull the wire from related wire drawing drum to capstan and change the dies of finished wire, there is no need to displace. In addition, according to the processing property of copper, different transmission ratio is designed for various stages of the main unit to satisfy the drawing coefficient of copper.  

T5000 annealer adopts horizontal structure which consists of electric conduction, oxidation-proof protection, cooling, drying, electric system and so on as the continuous annealing production equipment for copper wire with AC annealing method. Forcing lubricant cooling is adopted in main bearings of electric conduction system, which can efficiently enhance the bearings’ service life. 

“This major cooperation for Lint Top is a very important reference for our deeper cooperation with our customers”, says Ashley, General Manager at Lint Top. 

Arrival of the copper RBD machine is scheduled on April 29, with installation in 2019. 

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