Aluminum Alloy Rod Continuous Casting and Rolling Line

Aluminum Alloy Rod Continuous Casting and Rolling Line

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Aluminum Alloy Rod Continuous Casting and Rolling Line


Oil-free aluminum alloy rod continuous casting and rolling line is used to produce aluminum alloy rod with finished rod diameters of 9.5mm,12mm. The productivity ranges from4T-4.5T per hour, and the cross-sectional area of the casting bar ranges from 1500 to 2400 mm2. The weight of coiled rod is about 1.5T-2.5T.

During production of AL-alloy rod, induction heater ensures the process temperature meet the requirement of the casting blank for rolling, with the function of heating and adjusting cast ingot.

The continuous rolling machine can automatically feed and stop if rods are stacking. Continuous quenching device can quench online, and the outlet of the guiding pipe is quipped with a water blowing device to clean off the moisture on the surface of the aluminum alloy rod.

Meanwhile, it is also equipped with an active traction gear to ensure a smooth delivery of the aluminum alloy rod. The arc guiding pipe is a trolley-guiding construction to reduce the scratch upon the aluminum alloy rod surface. The rod is coiled by means of centrifugal laying head.

On the one hand, the aluminum alloy has pre-deformation before entering the rod collection frame; on the other hand, the end of rod drops down into the frame automatically in case of broken rod. Given that the device of frame changes for wire rod accumulation, the rod coils are kept in order in collection frame to realize continuous coiling.



Flow Chart, take molten aluminum as raw material for example

Melting furnace→Holding furnace+ Degassing system→Casting system→+Induction heater→Rolling shear→Rolling mill+Quenching system→Coiler→Finished rod


 Technical parameters

Diameter of aluminum rod Φ9.5mm/Φ12.5mm
Production capacity 1.5~4.0 T/h
Raw material aluminum ingot
Furnace vertical furnace+round holding furnace with magnetic mixer
Casting bar 1500-2400mm2
Weight of coiled rod 1.5-2.5T

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