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  • Metal Sheathing Line Argon Arc Welding, Molding and Corrugating
    It is used for the production of HV cables.
  • Concentric and Semi-tangential Taping Machine
    Concentric and semi-tangential wrapping head can be equipped with various production lines such as stranding line, cabling line, rewinding line and extrusion line for wrapping with metal strip and non-metallic strip.
  • Aramid Yarn for Wire and Cable, Optical Fiber Cable Bundle
    It is used for reinforcing optical fiber cables and electric wires and cables.
  • Galvanized Steel Wire for Armored Cable
    It is suitable for armoring submarine and underground cable for communication, control or electric power.
    Standard: ASTM A411
  • Copolymer Coated Steel Tape
    It is used for metal shielding layers or moisture barriers of various communication cables, communication optical fiber cables.
  • Polyester Tape/Polyester Film/Mylar Tape
    It is used for wrapping or longitudinal wrapping wires and cables, which has the function of insulation, binding, etc.
  • Semi-conductive Nylon Tape
    It is used for wrapping MV, HV, EHV power cables and mine cable conductors, or shielding and binding of insulated cores.
  • Galvanized Steel Strand for Electric Power and Communication
    Galvanized steel strand is used for overhead stranded conductor structure and/or reinforced galvanized steel wire.
  • Rewinding Line
    The rewinding line is mainly used for bobbin changing and rewinding or fixed length cutting of copper wire or cable. The wrapping process can be added to wrap non-metal/metal materials for the cable. The pay-off and take-up stands can be selected according to needs and the bobbin size, such as hanging type, portal type, cantilever, etc.
  • Aluminum Centrifugal Filter
    Aluminum centrifugal filter separates the substances according to the difference in density between the substances.
    It separates the liquid and solid phases by utilizing the characteristic that the wire drawing oil internal impurities will disseminate under the action of centrifugal force.
    It can improve the quality of the oil, greatly extend the service life of the wire drawing oil and save oil consumption.
  • Aluminum / Aluminum Alloy Rod CCR Line
    This production line produces round aluminum rod and aluminum alloy rod for electricians by adopting the technology of continuous casting and rolling.
    The diameter of finished aluminum rod is Φ9.5mm, Φ12.5mm, Φ15mm.
    This line has the advantages of high efficiency, low energy consumption, excellent quality of aluminum/aluminum alloy rod and so on.
  • Upward Continuous Casting System for Oxygen-free Copper Rod
    Upward continuous casting machine is a new technology to produce oxygen free copper rod, tube, and flat billet at a great length. Its production of oxygen free copper rod and profiles are featured with high conductivity and low oxygen content. Compare with some traditional technology, this new method is lower in capital investment, easy to operate, economic in producing consuming, high quality in production, and flexible in changing production size but no pollution to environment.
  • Copper Rod CCR Line
    This copper rod continuous casting and rolling combines the advantages of relative international product of SCR of America, SMS of Germany, PROPERZE of Italy. It can use either cathode copper or 100% scrap copper as raw material.
    It adopts the advanced refining technology to continuous casting and rolling bright hypoxia copper rod. The final rod is conforming to the international standard.
  • Copper Intermediate Wire Drawing Machine
    Copper intermediate wire drawing machine which likes NIEHOFF high speed drawing machine is developed by LINT TOP to meet market demands. It is mainly used for copper wire drawing processing and copper wire online annealing.
  • Fine Wire Drawing Machine
    Fine wire drawing machine which likes NIEHOFF high speed drawing machine is developed by LINT TOP to meet market demands. It is mainly used for copper fine wire drawing processing and copper wire online annealing. It has the advantages of precision traverse, stepless dual frequency control, lower slip rate, high production efficiency, etc.
  • Multiwire Drawing Machine
    Multiwire drawing machine adopts horizontal drawing wheel arrangement, powerful spray cooling and online continuous annealing to drawing many homogenous electrical performance copper wires at the same time. This machine has a large take up capacity can collect multiple wires at the same time, which makes the subsequent process more convenient and improves production efficiency.
  • Copper / Aluminum RBD Machine
    The equipment is a gear-driven sliding wire drawing machine for 8mm copper rod or 9.5mm aluminum (alloy) rod (low strength). It can be matched with online continuous annealer to obtain the wire for process requirements.
  • RBD Machine with Individual Drivers
    This is a non-sliding wire drawing machine driven by individual driver, which is suitable for drawing round and shaped wires for 8mm copper rod or 9.5mm aluminum (alloy)rod (high strength, medium strength and heat-resistant aluminum alloy). It can choose bobbin take-up or wire coiler to meet the demand of sale or deep processing.
  • Planetary Strander
    The machine is used for stranding copper and aluminum wires and OPGW cables, as well as steel ropes.
  • Trolley Type Heat and Aging Furnace / Aluminum Alloy Wires Annealing Furnace
    The trolley type heating and aging furnace can meet the aging-treat requirement of aluminum alloy wires, which will improve the wire performance like conductivity, tensile strength and elongation rate.
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