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Auxiliary Equipment

  • Copper Emulsion Filter
    Copper emulsion filter is designed with European technology to keep the emulsion clean by removing copper powder from emulsion. Thus the service life of the drawing capastan and dies will be longer, the breakdown rate will be reduced and the output will be increased. In addition, it can avoid cleaning the heat exchangers frequently.
  • Cold Welder
    The cold welder is a tool to joint non-ferrous metals and alloys without using heat, fillers or fluxes. All round wires, flat wires, sector wires and other hetero wires can be welded. This series of cold welders can weld copper wires, aluminum wires, copper-clad aluminum wires and all kinds of alloy wires. The wires after welded remain the resistivity. The tensile strength even become stronger than before.
  • Aluminum Centrifugal Filter
    Aluminum centrifugal filter separates the substances according to the difference in density between the substances.
    It separates the liquid and solid phases by utilizing the characteristic that the wire drawing oil internal impurities will disseminate under the action of centrifugal force.
    It can improve the quality of the oil, greatly extend the service life of the wire drawing oil and save oil consumption.
  • Laser Printer
    Laser printer is the high-end product of laser which has the highest performance. It can greatly save the cost of power consumption and consumables in the later maintenance.
  • Copper Wire Recycling Machine
    The environment of the production line should be dry and clean. Several shearing and crushing process are approached to separate the materials. The machine set peels off the household scrap cable wires of the plastic sheath and the copper, separating them into the plastic fragment and copper powder. The whole waste copper recycling production line is controlled by PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) except the manual material feeding. It has the automatic functions of overload warning and blockage shut-down. It is easy and safe to operate.
  • Butt Welding Machine
    Lint top is one of the most professional welding equipment suppliers in China and one of the national industry standard setters. Our butt welding machine is used to weld stranded conductors from 0.16 to 630mm2 with great welding quality and high working efficiency.
  • Concentric and Semi-tangential Taping Machine
    Concentric and semi-tangential wrapping head can be equipped with various production lines such as stranding line, cabling line, rewinding line and extrusion line for wrapping with metal strip and non-metallic strip.
  • Belt Caterpillar Capstan
    The unit is used in the cable production line such as extrusion lines, steel armoring lines, and rewinding lines.
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