Copper Intermediate Drawing Machine With Annealer

Copper Intermediate Drawing Machine With Annealer

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1.Gear box and base are one cast iron frame.

2.Gears and shafts are made by military factory. Gears are precisely grinded. Mechanical sealing and framework oil sealing are adopted.

3. Annealer is one whole weldment, processed by scientific heat treatment. The annealing brass wheel and carbon brush are all famous brand.

4.AC inverters , PLC , DC annealer driver are imported famous brand

Main Technical Specification

Model LT17 LT17B LT17-280
Inlet Diameter(mm) Max.3.50 Max.3.50 Max.3.50
Outlet Diameter(mm) 0.40-2.0 0.40-2.0 0.80-2.76
Mechanical Speed(m/min) Max.2000 Max.2000 Max.2000
Drawing Pulley Dia(mm) Max.250 Max.250 Max.280
Capstan Pulley Dia(mm) 250 250 280
Mechanical Elongation(%) Drawing25% capstan18.6% Drawing25% capstan18.6% Drawing25% capstan18.6%
Main Motor Power(kw) AC55 AC55 AC55
Capstan Motor Power(kw) AC11 AC11 AC11


 Annealing Technical Specification

Name T1000 T2000 T3000
Annealing Range(mm) 0.40-1.20 0.40-1.60 0.40-2.0 0.80-2.76
Annealing Type DC DC DC
Max. annealing Current(A) 1000(DC) 2000(DC) 3000(DC)
Max. annealing Voltage(V) 60 60 60
Transformer Capacity(KVA) 84 173 195 250
Steam Generator(KW) 12 12 12
Weight 2000 2000 3000

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