Data Lan Cable Production Process(CAT5/5E/6/6E/7)

Data Lan Cable Production Process(CAT5/5E/6/6E/7)

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Data Lan Cable Production Process

Currently, most popular network wire is CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6, CAT6E and CAT7. We had developed the comliete communication cable & data cable equipments. We can make according per customer's requirement from core wire to the final cable.

Production Process

Continuous insulation core wire extrusion —— Core wire pair twisting —— Cabling(4 pairs) —— Sheath —— Packing

A. Tandem extrusion line (Line speed 1000~1500m/min)

Application: apply to the extrusion process in making LAN cables(CAT5E, CAT6 and CAT7), insulative telephone cables.





wire drawing, annealing, pre-heating, insulation extruding, take up, online outside diameter and eccentricity testing.

B. Core wire pair twisting

Pair twisted pitch normally around 10-25mm, high requirement for pitch stability and tension control. Pitch change accurage<0.3% or 0.5mm, core wire tension fluctuation<10%. CAT5E and above cable requires back-twist process to enhance pair twisting quality.



C. Core wire stranding machine

Generally use high precise Φ630 - Φ1000 PLC control single stranding for 4 pair of cored wire cabling.



D. Sheath Production line

In order to Minimize the physical change of the finished cable, normally adopt Φ70-Φ90 sheath production. We can use two sets initiative wire pay-off stand to co-work with wire pay-off storing stand in order to achive machine non-stop for take up bobbin exchange. Normally use computer-controued inkjet machine fo No.printing

E. Coiling Packing


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