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HV Testers

  • AC / PD Voltage Withstand Series Resonance Test System
    The test system meets the requirements of XLPE power cable power frequency withstand voltage and partial discharge test. It is suitable for XLPE cable partial discharge test, high voltage withstand test and partial discharge fault location of other power products.
  • Cable Heating Cycle Test System
    The heavy current is used for testing power transformer, high voltage mutual inductor, arrester, high voltage XLPE cable and so on. It adopts heavy current load test to test sample with heavy current for judging the quality so that users can improve products quality.
  • AC Voltage Withstand Test System
    The AC voltage test system is mainly used for power cable, electric transformer, HV 
    instrument transformer, HV switch, etc. The test items include AC voltage test, PD test 
    and electric aging test.
  • Impulse Voltage Test System
    Impulse voltage test system is applied to power transformer, HV mutual inductor, HV switch, power cable, etc. By doing impulse voltage to HV power product, standard lightening impulse, switch impulse can be generated. It is a necessary equipment for testing HV power product.
  • Tanδ Measuring Bridge
    The system is used for HV cable, power transformer, HV switch and so on. It judges quality of test sample by HV Tanδ test to improve the quality. Computer in the device can process data automatically and display the results directly on the panel. It is high accurate, stable and easy-to-operate.
  • HV Shielded Test Room
    The HV partial discharge hall is mainly used for power transformer, HV inductor, arrester, HV switch, HV XLPE cable and so on, the shielded room is used for avoiding electromagnetic interference which can affect partial discharge test.
  • Power Cable Test Termination
    For power cable PD test, AC test, impulse test, tan delta test, etc.
  • SF6 Standard Capacitor
    The standard capacitor is widely used in the high voltage test. It can be connected with tan delta bridge to measure the dielectric loss of test object. For example, during dielectric loss test, it is used as standard, and compare the capacitance and tgδ value with measuring capacitor, cable, bushing, insulator, transformer winding and insulation materials.
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