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Lint Top Expands PP Cable Filling Rope Solution

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PP cable filling rope, as the regular material used in filling all kinds of cables. Lint Top, not only a global wire & cable specialist, but a cable material expert, today announced that we expands PP cable filling rope solution. 

An ideal solution for maintaining the enough circularity of cables, our PP cable filling rope ensures the good cable filling effect. Available from 12000D to 90000D linear density, greater than 10% breaking elongation and 3% hot shrinkage rate, our PP cable filler rope adopts 100% pure PP raw material to present the best material property. 

PP cable filling rope

(PP Cable Filling Rope)

In addition to the PP cable filling rope, Lint Top is pleased to announce that we also have low smoke halogen free fire-retardant filling rope, submarine cable filling yarn, glass-fiber filling rope, flame retardant and high temperature resistant filling rope, water blocking filling rope, semi-conductive water blocking filling rope and semi-conductive filling rope. 

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