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Lint Top Expands Shielding and Armouring Material Solution

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Lint Top, a global wire & cable specialist, today announced that it has expanded shielding and armouring material solution with galvanized steel wire which is used for ACSR(Aluminum conductors steel-reinforced) and steel wire armoured cable or used as metal reinforcement in optical fiber cable. 

It is necessary to add armor layer to the outer sheath of cables in order to protect the structural and electrical performance of cables and improve the service life of cables. Cable armor special galvanized wire is made of high-grade low carbon steel wire rod processing, which is processed by the process of high-grade low carbon steel wire rod drawing forming, pickling and rust removal, high temperature annealing, hot dip galvanized, cooling and other technological processes.

Galvanizing methods include hot dip galvanizing, electro-galvanizing and mechanical galvanizing. Galvanized steel wire is usually hot dipped galvanized steel wire. Available in 2.12mm, 2.67mm, 3.37mm and 4.77mm nominal diameter, Lint Top’s galvanized steel wire is divided into low carbon steel wire and high carbon steel wire. In addition to the nominal diameter, zinc coating test whose range from 220g/m2 to 274g/m2. Standards are according to ASTM B498 A, ASTM B498B/498M-1998, BS EN10257-1, EN10244-2(BS443, BS5467, BS1442). 

Galvanized Steel Wire

(Galvanized Steel Wire)

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