• WHY US?

LINT TOP CABLE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. is a group manufacturing wire and cable machinery, especially in the field of LV electrical wires and cables, building wires, ABC cables, optical fiber cables, etc.
Meanwhile, we are the No. 1 supplier of the turnkey project in wire&cable field. We can supply both consulting service and whole production line equipment. For consulting service, we can work on improving the cable structure, the design of the whole factory equipment needed, the investment budget, the consumption calculation, the raw materials needed. For whole production line equipment, we can supply production machinery, test equipment, auxiliary equipment with final commissioning and and finished cable product testing.
We have been committed to providing our customers with strong technical services in a fast way. Along with China headquarter, now we have set up three service centers which located in Algeria and Tunisia for Africa, Egypt for Middle East. All technicians in the service center, who have been worked in cable factories for more than 20 years, can supply professional technical support to our customers. In the future, we will set up service centers in South America and Southwest Asia.
LINTTOP has become a brand that stands for high quality system. With 18 years experience, we are proud to supply European standard equipment at the most economical price.

When you want to set up a new wire and cable plant. You already has a wire and cable plant and it's profitable, and orders increase. Thus you want to increase productivity. You already has a wire and cable plant, You want to start other kind wire and cable production. You are running a wire and cable for years, the existing production lines became old, the speed is too much low, the machine has problem frequently. Supplier of wire and cable material.

Quality is the most basic and important guarantee for customers. We set up a multilevel supervision system to control quality. Till now, all machines from LINT TOP are running in the whole world. When we control the quality strictly, after sale service become less and less. We understand it fully, any after sale service will be transferred to customers, the loss due to machine breakdown is huge, a big headache to customer. Except quality, getting the wire and cable solution with LINT TOP is easily. Firstly, LINT TOP's product covers a complete package of production facilities, test equipment, auxiliary equipment, also materials needed during production. Secondly, We are trying to make LINT TOP to be a technology-intensive company. Improving the technical assistance and providing technical support to customers as much as possible is our future direction. LINT TOP is a young and vital team. High efficient, timely, orderly, rigorous and work according to the process is our principle. On the way to improve our strength and customers' satisfaction, we will never stop exploring. We believe that with LINT TOP your wire and cables will be competitive in the market easily. LINT TOP will become your reliable partner on your way to be powerful.


  • Headquarters

    Address: Quanshan Economic Development Zone, Xuzhou, 221006, P.R. China

  • Middle East Branch

    Address: Le Caire, Egypte

  • North Africa Branch

    Address: Lot No 110, cité Acila - Radjeh, Ain Sfiha, Setif 19000 - Algérie

  • Tunisie

    Address: Avenue du Maghreb Arabe, Residence du lac appt D2-2, Menzel jemil, Bizerte 7080, Tunisie.

  • Customers


The whole factory projects that we have done cover high voltage cables, building wires, optical fiber cables and data cables.


Professional technical power including Production team, process team, QC team, installation and commissioning team. All our technical members are Full-time senior engineer with more than 10 years experience in wire&cable field.



  • 2003

    Engaged in the production and sales of wire and cable equipment in China.

  • 2009

    Engaged in the production and sales of wire and cable equipment in China.

  • 2015

    LV power cables filed. Complete pro-duction machines, test equipment of LV power cables.

  • 2016

    Expanded to Pakistan, Zambia and Kenya market.

  • 2017

    Optical fiber cables field. Complete production machines, test equipment of optical fiber cables.

  • 2018

    Data cables. Complete production machines, test equipment of Data cables.

  • 2019

    On the way to improve our strength and customers' satisfaction, we will never stop exploring.

  • 2020

    Set up North Africa center.

  • 2021

    Moved to New Office in April, 2021.