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Lint Top Launches New Website

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Lint Top, a leading global wire & cable specialist, today announced the launch of a new website with a fresh look and feel optimized for PC, smart phone and tablet computer.

With the number of netizens in the world reaching nearly 38 billion, half of  the world’s population, more visits than ever to are coming through different devices including PC, smart phone and tablet computer. 

Our new website was specifically designed from the ground up to ensure that all readers have the best possible experience when using the website on bigger, common and smaller screens. 

In addition to the mobile-friendly aspect of the new website, has been given a facelift with a clean modern look, increased speed and reliability, and improved navigation via an easy-to-follow menu structure and fast access to projects, application, lint top group which including our brief introduction, main markets, technical documents, cooperation cases(whole plant projects & key projects), timeline and exhibitions. In addition, news, video, and contact are all in plain sight waiting for you to click. 

linttop website homepage

(Lint Top Homepage)

The new website has also been designed to provide an overall better reading experience, with a focus on simplicity.

The machines are divided into two aspects: Products and Application.

You can find the perfect production facilities, test equipment, auxiliary equipment, accessories and materials

The application includes building wires, control cables, LAN cables, low voltage cables, MV&HV cables, new energy cables, optical fiber cables and transformers. 

The new website is a major step towards developing a responsive website that allows our customers to quickly and easily access the content you need from any device. 

We will keep driving the website and continue to evolve and enhance the design, functionality and user interface of the new site to best serve your needs.

About Lint Top

At Lint Top, work is performed in a highly collaborative manner.With great sales performance, our employees connect with customers all around the world. Learn more about Lint Top’s creative solutions to the world’s problems at or on Twitter @cablelinttop or on Facebook @Lint Top.

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