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Machines for Building Wires

  • Copper / Aluminum RBD Machine
    The equipment is a gear-driven sliding wire drawing machine for 8mm copper rod or 9.5mm aluminum (alloy) rod (low strength). It can be matched with online continuous annealer to obtain the wire for process requirements.
  • Copper Intermediate Wire Drawing Machine
    Copper intermediate wire drawing machine which likes NIEHOFF high speed drawing machine is developed by LINT TOP to meet market demands. It is mainly used for copper wire drawing processing and copper wire online annealing.
  • Fine Wire Drawing Machine
    Fine wire drawing machine which likes NIEHOFF high speed drawing machine is developed by LINT TOP to meet market demands. It is mainly used for copper fine wire drawing processing and copper wire online annealing. It has the advantages of precision traverse, stepless dual frequency control, lower slip rate, high production efficiency, etc.
  • Multiwire Drawing Machine
    Multiwire drawing machine adopts horizontal drawing wheel arrangement, powerful spray cooling and online continuous annealing to drawing many homogenous electrical performance copper wires at the same time. This machine has a large take up capacity can collect multiple wires at the same time, which makes the subsequent process more convenient and improves production efficiency.
  • High Speed Double Twist Buncher
    The machine is used for the multi-strand twisting of bare copper, coated tin, coated silver, copper-clad aluminum wire, enamelled wire, and other special alloy wires. Regular twisted wires can be done by this buncher instead of stranding machine.
  • High Speed Insulation Extrusion Line
    It is suitable for conductors up to 10mm2 with a production speed up to 1000m/min. The take-up and pay-off bobbin can be changed automatically without stopping machine and automatic dual take-up is used. It is suitable for the production insulation of thermoplastic materials such as PVC, XLPE and so on. It is applied in single layer, single layer + color skin, single layer + color strip and other forms. One-button function of speed up and down can reduce labor cost and improve production efficiency.
  • Sheathing Extrusion Line
    It is used for outer sheath extrusion of insulated core or stranded core. Various imported screw cylinder and barrel with high extrusion output to be selected for extrusion such as PVC, PE, LSZH, Teflon, Nylon and other materials.
  • Automatic Coiling and Binding Machine
    Automatic coiling and binding machine is mainly used for coiling and binding process. It makes finished coil tight and goes to next process easily.
  • Automatic Coiling / Binding / Shrinking Machine
    Automatic coiling with binding and thermal shrinking machine is designed to pack round or flat cables. The coiling head adopts precise positioning design to ensure the coiling head will stop at the right position, which can avoid the damage of wire ends after the coil finished each time.
    The traversing system driven by servo motor guarantees coiling with high quality. The line is full automatic, and the finished coil will be binded automatically with precision position and stable tension. After binding, the coil will be packed with shrinking films automatically. So with this line, it will save labor cost and improve working efficient.
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