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Machines for LV Power Cables

  • RBD Machine with Individual Drivers
    This is a non-sliding wire drawing machine driven by individual driver, which is suitable for drawing round and shaped wires for 8mm copper rod or 9.5mm aluminum (alloy)rod (high strength, medium strength and heat-resistant aluminum alloy). It can choose bobbin take-up or wire coiler to meet the demand of sale or deep processing.
  • Copper / Aluminum RBD Machine
    The equipment is a gear-driven sliding wire drawing machine for 8mm copper rod or 9.5mm aluminum (alloy) rod (low strength). It can be matched with online continuous annealer to obtain the wire for process requirements.
  • Copper Intermediate Wire Drawing Machine
    Copper intermediate wire drawing machine which likes NIEHOFF high speed drawing machine is developed by LINT TOP to meet market demands. It is mainly used for copper wire drawing processing and copper wire online annealing.
  • High Speed Double Twist Buncher
    The machine is used for the multi-strand twisting of bare copper, coated tin, coated silver, copper-clad aluminum wire, enamelled wire, and other special alloy wires. Regular twisted wires can be done by this buncher instead of stranding machine.
  • Rigid Frame Strander
    The machine is especially designed for wire and cable stranding and pressing work of aluminum, copper and ACSR, without back-twist stranding.
  • High Speed Insulation Extrusion Line
    It is suitable for conductors up to 10mm2 with a production speed up to 1000m/min. The take-up and pay-off bobbin can be changed automatically without stopping machine and automatic dual take-up is used. It is suitable for the production insulation of thermoplastic materials such as PVC, XLPE and so on. It is applied in single layer, single layer + color skin, single layer + color strip and other forms. One-button function of speed up and down can reduce labor cost and improve production efficiency.
  • Cradle Type Cabling Machine/ Laying Up Machine
    The machine is used for laying up medium & low voltage cables/communication cables/control cables/mining cables and aluminum (alloy) cables less than 5 cores. Its function can completely replace the traditional type of 1250\1000\1600/(1+1+3) cradle type laying up machine.
  • Drum Twister
    The machine is used for cabling power cables of medium & low voltage or high voltage and Milliken conductor of high voltage or extra high voltage, as well as for armoring with steel-wire and steel-tape or screening with copper wires.
  • Concentric and Semi-tangential Taping Machine
    Concentric and semi-tangential wrapping head can be equipped with various production lines such as stranding line, cabling line, rewinding line and extrusion line for wrapping with metal strip and non-metallic strip.
  • Sheathing Extrusion Line
    It is used for outer sheath extrusion of insulated core or stranded core. Various imported screw cylinder and barrel with high extrusion output to be selected for extrusion such as PVC, PE, LSZH, Teflon, Nylon and other materials.
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