Multi-head Motorized Pay Off

Multi-head Motorized Pay Off

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1. Machine performance:

This machine can automatically track the pay-off speed and can provide constant tension. Tension adjustment is implemented by adjusting the pressure of compressed air. It can emergency stop in cases of shutdown and wire breakage. And it can provide single reel pay-off and dual pay-off. Processing system of top and bottom wire reels is available on market.

2. Main parameters:

2.1 Pay-off speed: 0-300m/min

2.2 Motor power: 2.2KW

2.3 Cross section area of conductors: min 0.07mm2,max 1.57mm2

2.4 Diameter of single wire: 0.10-0.50mm

2.5 Diameter of wire reel cylinder: 224-355mm

2.6 Diameter of wire reel side plate: 500-630mm

2.7 Diameter of wire reel axial hole: min100mm

2.8 Suitable wire reel: 500-630mm

3. Machine installation:

Put the machine onto work place and level it with cushion blocks. Connect phase lines and null line as shown in the drawings and connect the gas path. Switch on the power switch (three air circuit breakers, which are respectively the mains switch, power switch for left wire reel and power switch for right wire reel) in the electricity cabinet of the machine. Turn on the control switch on the panel, and move the machine dancer roller. Thus the wire reel can accelerate or decelerate with the angle change of the roller and then the pressure regulating valve in the regulating panel can change the tension of paying-off.


4. Machine commissioning:

Parameters of the machine’s frequency inverter have already been well set in factory. If it is found that during using, the actions are not in accordance with the host machine, please call us for consultant. Adjusting without authorization is forbidden (very important), or the performance of the machine will be affected.

When mounting wire reel, put the wire reel on a hydraulic trolley (available on market), raise the hydraulic trolley until center of the wire reel is aligned with the axis of the pay-off, push in hydraulic trolley, inching brake releasing button on the operation panel, move the pay-off axis to align the carrying bolt with the carrying hole of the wire reel, fit on external sleeve gasket and U type cover plate, fasten the nuts, and then the mounting of wire reel is finished.

Lead the wire on the reel out in the wire routing direction shown on the drawing (pushing down the inching button and keeping it can release the brake, and then the wire reel can be rotated by hand).

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