2021 New Online Machine Inspection-FTTH Production Line

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How to solve the machine inspection and commissioning under the COVID-19?

Online machine inspection and commsissioning will be the future.

COVID-19 is still going on, and now people are not as afraid of it as they did at the beginning, and are even looking for a way to live together peacefully.
Lint top has also been looking for solutions to break through the impact of COVID-19.
We are glad that we have solved this problem through online inspection, online factory inspection, online commissioning, etc. This way allowed customers to view our equipment and our company in person through online videos.
Recently we have completed the production of FTTH production line for our Ukrainian customer.
The line is mainly used for producing following products: cables FTTH 5*2; 3*2; FTTH50; drop cables diameters 3.0-4.0 mm; simplex and duplex cables, dummy fillers diameters 1.2-2.0 mm.
We have tested the equipment for our customers. Through online video and remote control, customers can see the operation effect of the equipment and the quality of the optical cables produced throughout the process.

FTTH line (1)
FTTH line (2)
FTTH line (3)

(Prepare for the online inspection of FTTH production line for Ukrainian customer)

In the end, our equipment steadily met the customer's technical requirements, and the customer was very satisfied.
We have received the customer's payment for the goods, and are arranging packaging and shipping.

If you are also interested in optic cable production equipment, you are very welcome to contact us for free.
We will arrange a video conference for you, discuss technology as if we face-to-face, and let you view our equipment with your own eyes.