A Batch of LINT TOP Bobbins for Delivery

Post time: May-23-2020

In August, another batch of LINT TOP bobbins were sent to Algeria.
Our high attention to quality has been recognized by our customers, making the cooperation smoother.Our client placed this order after the outbreak of COVID-19.In order to support our client to resume production normally, we tried our best to deliver the bobbins on time.
With the continuous production of cables and wires, it means that we help them to bring more light and make the way bright.

This time, our client ordered 630mm double layer high speed bobbin, PN1000 bobbin-plate stiffener, PN1250 bobbin-plate stiffener, 300mm flat plate high speed bobbin, etc.
We are very happy to supply the bobbins to them, because it is not only an order between us, but also an close cooperation, a deep friendship between us.
Besides the bobbins, our client also ordered many auxiliary equipment and materials including cold welder with dies, wire stripping machine, intelligent digital resistance bridge, LT25XY double axis laser diameter gauge, copper emulsion filter, Al-Pet tape, straightener for insulated wire, heat exchanger, etc. With the help of these equipment, our client can produce more high quality and stable cables.

Thus, you are truly welcomed to join us in the future. LINT TOP will always be with you to go forward and connect the light all over the world.

Bobbin (1)
Bobbin (2)

Real pictures when loading bobbins and auxiliary equipments

Written by Rosie from sales depaertment