A Whole Factory Project

Business News–As far as sales performance is concerned, high-value project is the defining issue all the time. Yet project like that is rare for us. A whole factory project which worth around $2.5 million from our Algerian customer comes to us in early 2018.

Four times visits are a crucial factor in the progress of cooperation, two competitors ran into the end of project, but eventually we won the order for our excellent quality and service.

This whole factory project includes RBD machine with individual drivers, aluminum(alloy) rod breakdown machine, 16 fine wire drawing machine, Z17 medium copper wire drawing machine, rigid strander machine, bow skip laying up machine, LT120+120+65 filling and sheathing machine line, one trolley electrical aging treatment furnace, rewinding line and so on.


(Our Colleagues Accompany Customers)

In some circumstances, our sales colleague has a duty to figure out. For example, bow skip laying up machine, the different domestic demand magnetic powder tension control of reel and we update the most suitable type according to the outlet wire. In addition, we also considered the auxiliary equipment including cold welder, pointing machine, etc. for our customer.

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Post time: Feb-28-2019
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