AC Resonance Voltage Withstand System for Cables

Post time: Dec-25-2020

Two months ago, our Brazilian customer sent us their requirement that they need the 120kV/1200 kVA AC resonance PD free test system to test cable under water with 3 water tanks. At present, this test system is still in production, we will deliver it next month after finish production.

Our customer buy this test system for testing Al XLPE cables with three voltage level, the table below is the requirement of our customer for your reference:

Customers' requiremnt

Actually, our customer has purchased the 120kV/1200 kVA tank type series resonant HV reactor last year. So they will use their spare reactor, but they still need the others component for the installation of Tank Type Resonance System for XLPE Cables.
This system application conforms to XLPE cable power frequency voltage test, and is suitable for voltage test for XLPE cables before leaving factory.

AC resonance PD free test system

AC Resonance PD Free Test System

The whole order includes the following:
--60kVA Exciter transformer
--60kVA Regulator
--120kV HV resonance capacitor / voltage divider
--Intelligent control - 5

Tank Type Resonance System for XLPE Cables
Intelligent Control System

The 60kVA exciter transformer has shielding structure, and the designed ratio can prohibit scattered wave from power and attenuate the noise wave. And the 60kVA regulator is mainly used to adjust the input voltage of isolation transformer and the output voltage of HV reactor. The operation procedure of our digital control is simple, the optical and electrical isolation between signals can prevent HV into electrical circuit.

It is worth mentioning that the test system has some kind of selector switch to install to switch on and off the HV to each tank: 5kV, 25kV test at 40KV tap, 35kV test at 70KV tap.

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