Deliver the Copper RBD Machine to its Destination

Post time: Dec-29-2021   View: 206

Good news! Our customer in Algeria bought copper RBD machine from us again, to drawing copper wires from Φ8mm copper rods to Φ1.20~Φ3.50mm copper wires.
This is the second cooperation, the first is the copper rod CCR line for 8mm copper rod, and our engineers are working with our customers for the installation and commissioning for this whole production line in the Algeria.
Now, we successfully completed the online inspection and packing of copper RBD machine. Our customer is satisfied with our service and machines, they are looking forward the next cooperation with LINT TOP.

automatic take-up machine

(The Annealing Part & Automatic Take-up)

delivery photo of copper RBD machine
delivery photo of copper rod breakdown machine

Delivery Photos of Copper RBD Machine