Deliver the spark tester to Trinidad and Tobago

Post time: Apr-30-2021

The high frequency AC spark tester is a fast and reliable tool which is widely used for online detection of wire and cable insulation and voltage resistance, holes and breaks. It can quickly detect conductor defects without damaging the electrical conductor. This is an important process that directly affects the quality of the entire cable. Compared with the traditional type, the machine has the advantages of space saving, easy operation and fast detection speed. In addition, it is more suitable for modern production.
Due to the good reputation of our company and the good quality of our products, the order of spark testers is confirmed very quickly after quotation. The spark tester is our LT-015B type high frequency AC spark tester, the suitable line speed could be up to 1000m/min.
Detailed information are as below:

detail of cable spark tester

To ensure the safety of the spark tester during transport, we have done the necessary protection.
Pictures for a reference:

cable spark tester cable spark tester-2

Now the spark testers are running very well with the extrusion line in customer’s workshop, just as the other products from LINT TOP. LINT TOP will continue providing the high quality wire/cable machines, good quality to the customers all over the world.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need the best service and best technical supplier for wire/cable machinery. Your short message maybe means a lot for your business. LINT TOP will serve you wholeheartedly.