Deliver the Steel Wire Parallel Rewinding Machines to Prysmian Cables

Post time: Dec-11-2020

The two sets of 630 steel wire parallel rewinding machines ordered by our old Indonesian customer will be delivered to Prysmian Cables next week. After the confirmation of the order, we started the production process immediately. Finally, the whole cargoes will be packed in a 20GP container.

The steel wire parallel rewinding machine is used for rewinding and parallel winding copper wire, aluminum wires and steel wire with diameter 0.6mm~4mm. The maximum rewinding line speed can be up to 400m/min.
This machine is composed of 1200mm steel wire pay-off stand and steel wire parallel rewinding machine. The pay-off stand is suitable for 400mm-630mm bobbin whose aperture is between 56mm-127 mm. And the take-up stand is equipped with 4kw motor. Our 630 steel wire parallel rewinding machine has two types: Active pay-off and passive pay-off. Our customer finally chose the passive pay-off type after comparison. The pay-off tension is adjusted by magnetic powder clutch (5 kg).

It also has functions of electromagnetic brake, electronic meter counting and five-wheel adjustable straightening method. Friction piece is used to control tension, and you can stop the machine when it reaches the set length.

Following is the machine photo for your reference:

630 Steel Wire Parallel Rewinding Machine

630 Steel Wire Parallel Rewinding Machine

When loading and unloading bobbins, it adopts manual hydraulic lifting, pneumatic clamping. And different bobbin ends should be replaced with different heads.

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