Delivered 16 Wires Drawing Machine to Algeria

Post time: May-14-2021

Good news! 16 wires drawing machine have been arrived to Algiers port on 05th, May already, our customers are busy with customs clearance recently.

We loaded this wire drawing machine into container on 15th March, total 2 containers, 1*40GP+1*40HQ. With much experience in loading container, LINT TOP uses rope to fix to prevent any collision during long-distance shipment. You can see it from some attached pictures.

This production line is composed of:
*LT1000C pay-off device
*LT100-25-16 multiwire drawing machine
*LT3000-16 annealer
*LT250 tension controller
*LT 630BS spooler
*Electrical control system

Below are some pictures of our 16 wires drawing machine for your reference:

16 wires drawing machine
16 wires drawing machine

Until now, our customers will receive all machines of the LV whole project in their new cable factory.

Those machines are mainly used to produce low voltage cable lower than 1KV, our customer order equipment from us including:
*Aluminum alloy rod breakdown machine with independent motor
*17 dies medium wire drawing machine (Copper)
*16 wires drawing machine (Copper)
*630/1+6+12+18 rigid strander with independent motor
*1600/1+5 bow strander
*120+120+65 extrusion line
*800mm rewinding line
*Furnace for aluminum alloy
*Basket coiler for copper rod breakdown machine
*Many different size bobbins

With rich experience in helping our customers to build their new cable factory, LINT TOP welcomes every new inquiry about wire&cable machines. If you have any questions about cable machines, you can contact us at any time.