Delivery Main Components of 120KV/1200KVA AC Resonance Voltage Withstand System to Brazil

Post time: Feb-26-2021

At the end of October 2020, we received our old Brazilian client’s order about the 120KV/1200KVA AC resonance voltage withstand system. This is not the first time we had cooperated on high voltage test equipment. So we confirmed all technical details immediately.

Considering that the delivery time and there are many orders of testing equipment in the year of 2020. Our management relay this tough task to production department and request them to finish the production before January 15th of 2021. Our workers have to work overtime to crash the schedule frequently.
In fact, we finished the production and factory commissioning of all components on January 10th of 2021, which is a special time since Jan 12th 2021 is around the corner of China Spring Festival. It is very hard for us to ship the cargo before Chinese New Year holiday.

We packaged the components into plywood box. All cargo are packed well on January 12th of 2021.
The following measurement and weight are all components of AC Resonance voltage withstand system.
1. Exciter Transformer 790 x 730 x 960 mm (0.554 CBM), 475kg;
2. Intelligent Control cabinet 1110 x 920 x 2020 mm (2.06 CBM), 545kg;
3. Control table and accessories 1070 x 750 x 1340 mm (1.08 CBM), 182kg ;
4. HV resonance capacitor 750 x 750 x 1470 mm (0.83 CBM), 164kg .
Total measurement of cargo is 4.5 CBM, the gross weight is 1,366kg.

Pictures of Main Parts the AC Resonance Voltage Withstand System (1)
Pictures of Main Parts the AC Resonance Voltage Withstand System (3)

(Pictures of Main Parts the AC Resonance Voltage Withstand System)

In order to ship the earliest vessel before our Spring Festival Holiday. We urgently contact our client for shipment and request them to book the vessel as soon as possible.

The vessel as booked by appointed shipping forwarder is February 5th of 2021. At that time, the transportation in Shanghai port is very very busy due to Spring Festival. All cargoes have to wait in line when the driver enter into the warehouse. Our driver also patiently wait for almost 26 hours after he arrived at the Shanghai port. And then, we made customs declaration of cargo on Feb 1st 2021. Everything goes well.
Finally, the vessel who carried our cargoes left Shanghai Port on Feb 9th 2021.

The estimated of arrival at the destination is on March 20th of 2021. We will release more news about this test equipment.