Delivery of Aluminum Alloy RBD Machine to Algeria

Post time: Sep-11-2020

We tried hard to overcome the impact of the COVID-19, and finally finished the delivery of aluminum alloy rod breakdown machine to our Algeria customer for the whole factory project at the end of August.

With independent servo motor, this can save energy and improve efficiency.
How can this line save its costing?
--It can save electrical energy 20% than gear type due to the slight slip-rate design.
--The energy can be reduced by 20% when you turn off unneeded motor.
And how can this line enhance the production ability?
--Adopting individual motor drive technology, the rapid dies change system doesn’t need to change all the dies during working but final one.
--Reducing downtime because the machine faults & mechanical can be shown on monitor.
--Flexible adjustment of the elongation ratio of wire drawing dies according to production requirements.

loading picture
Pointing machine

The aluminum alloy RBD machine can draw both pure aluminum and aluminum alloy with semi-auto 630mm double bobbin take-up. The most important is that we can see the machine running condition through our phone after being connected to the machine system, which is more convenient for customers to monitor the machine.

In addition, we also supply the whole supporting system for the RBD line, including hydraulic type cold welder, pointing machine, aluminum wire drawing oil cooling filter system, drawing dies, etc. All the above supporting machines can run normally after our engineer’s commissioning.

The whole line totally needs 3*40HQ containers for transportation and the vessel left shanghai port on 06th, September already and estimated time of arrival is 07th, October.

Next, we will arrange delivery of furnace (in September) and 16 wires drawing machine (in October). Soon after, the delivery of the whole line is about to be finished.

Following are loading photos for your reference:

loading picture of RBD machine-1
loading picture of RBD machine-2
loading picture of RBD machine-3
loading picture of RBD machine-4

Written by Helen from Sales Department