Delivery of Braiding Machine

Post time: Mar-19-2021

Our partnership with an Iranian customer started with an order for 16 spindles high-speed braiding machine.
Here is the rough introduction of our machine: This machine is used for weaving the cable soft shielding layer of copper wire, Al-Mg alloy wire and other materials. This is an unit with mechanical and electrical integration, PLC control, touch screen full thread control, mechanical and electrical speed matching. According to the production process in the color touch screen man-machine interface dialogue way to query, adjustment and control of choose and employ persons. With convenient operation, high efficiency, high product quality. Suitable single wire diameter of copper wire is Φ0.08-0.2mm, the rotating speed can be up to max. 150r/min which is stepless. It is worth mentioning that our machine has a automatic -lubricating system. When the machine is running, it will spray oil onto the spindle turntable which is very convenient.

At the early stage of the order, we had a deep communication with the customer regarding the technical parameters and equipment quality of the braiding machine. Our professional and perfect production and sales system impressed customers. We would like to thank our customer for their trust in us again. Of course, the customer’s trust was not in vain, we completed the production of the equipment in just one month, and then proceeded with the testing and packaging, ready for shipment. Everything is in order. However, due to a variety of reasons, including the impact of the epidemic, the problem of tight space, and the problem of full warehouse, the braiding machine was not shipped out in time. Hereby, we are very sorry to the customer, but also very grateful for the customer’s patience. By several times’ effort, we finally shipped out the machine. This 16 spindles braiding machine has delivered in February and will arrive at the Abbas port in this month, March.

Following are some photos for your reference:

braiding machine braiding machine-1

Besides 16 spindles high-speed braiding machine, we LINT TOP also can provide 24 spindles high-speed braiding machine, doubling machine, rewinding machine, etc. You are warmly welcome to come and see.