Delivery of Coiling and Thermal Shrinking Packing Machine to Algeria

In may 2018, the coiling and thermal shrinking packing machine which is high efficient and reliable package system has delivered to Algeria smoothly. The coiling and shrinking packaging machine is used for flat cable and it can bring the perfect experience to the customers' final finished packaging.

The coiling and shrinking packaging machine make use of ROF and PE film material and its' production speed can reach 2 coils per minute. The single head coiler adopts special precise positioning design to ensure that the coiler head at right position. 


(The Coiling and Thermal Shrinking Packing Machine)

This smart design can effectively avoid damaging the end of wire after each change over circle. The smart design and traversing system driven by servo motor guarantee the high coiling quality and high efficiency with low cost.     

LINT TOP know QUALITY IS EVERYTHING and our first machine has been running for about 70,080 hours. Many successful cooperation cases around the whole world makes LINT TOP better. LINT TOP has long recognized the value of making a quality product, cost-effective production machines, backed by a solid guarantee and excellent customer service. LINT TOP has it all!

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Post time: May-19-2018
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