Delivery of Trolley Type Electrical Heating Aging Treatment Furnace

Post time: Sep-22-2020

We are glad to share with you that we have finished the delivery of aluminum alloy wires annealing furnace which can load 40 pieces of 630mm bobbins on 10th, September already. It means only 16 wires fine wire drawing machine has not finished delivery until now for the whole factory project.

We supply all parts of the furnace, including furnace shell, furnace lining, trolley, heating components, hot air circulation fan, furnace door unit, electric control cabinet, rail track, bobbin basket, etc.
We delivered all these parts separately, assembling and installation are needed when cargo arrive in our final customers’ factory. All these parts were packaged into 2*40HQ +1*20HQ containers.

Attached are some delivery pictures when loading containers:

Advantages of our furnace are as following:
1.The furnace body shell is welded by high quality cold rolled sheet and shaped steel. Its intensity and rigidity are enough to support the weight of furnace body and circulating fan.
2.The furnace lining insulation material adopts high quality aluminium silicate fibre as insulation cotton, which is filled between the shell and liner.
3.The heating components adopt U-type stainless steel heating pipe hang on the air channel in furnace hearth. The heating pipe surface power has been calculated accurately to ensure its service life.
4.Three vertical and centrifugal hot air recirculation fans with strong wind and low noise are set on the top of furnace body to force the heat circulation convection sent out by the heating pipe and ensure the temperature uniformity in furnace.

Until now, we have sent 3 sets of trolley furnaces to Algeria market, the other two sets are double trolley double door with 64 bobbins. They both gave good feedback with our furnaces.

If you have any requirement on the furnace, you can contact LINT TOP and we will give you more supports.

Written by Helen from sales department