Delivery of Wire Drawing Machine to BCC in Thailand

Post time: May-28-2020

Bangkok Cable Co.,Ltd. ( Hereinafter referred to as BCC) is our new customer, and our first cooperative project is 3 sets of wire drawing machines in February 2020, which including 1 set of medium wire drawing machine and 2 sets of fine wire drawing machines.

medium wire drawing machine

Medium Wire Drawing Machine

fine wire drawing machine

Fine Wire Drawing Machine

We received their inquiry from their purchasing manager, Mrs Sirirat, in November 2019. According to her specific requirements, such as inlet and outlet wire diameter range, line speed, etc, we made an accurate technical offer which had been greatly affirmed by her.
Their inspecting team came to China in December 2019, they visited our factory and users and highly praised our equipment after that. Then we conducted an in-depth discussion on the technical documents and prices, and finally got this order. But this is just the beginning.
According to the technical agreement reached, we paid close attention to every link of production and attach great importance to product quality and performance.
After that, we arranged the delivery of the 3 sets of wire drawing machines at the end of May 2020, and our customers have finished the installation in their factory already. And the online commissioning will begin on 10th, September.
Below are some photos when machines were delivered and installed in our customer's factory:

Delivery photos of wire drawing machine

Installation photo of Wire Drawing Machine

Installation photo of wire drawing machine

Written by Helen from sales department.